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Thursday, June 06, 2002  

The Canonical List of Poor Men
Subjectis the poor man'ssource

Christian Slater Jack Nicholson Northrup, A.; 2002
Skeet Ulrich Johnny Depp Northrup, A.; 2002
Matthew McConaugheyWoody HarrelsonNorthrup, A.; 2002
Pauly Shore Carrot Top Northrup, A.; 2002
Jim VarneyDana Carvey Northrup, A.; 2002
Gary BuseyNick Nolte Northrup, A.; 2002
Kurt RussellDennis Quaid Last, J.; 2002
Dennis QuaidBruce Willis Northrup, A.; 2002
Don JohnsonKurt Russell Northrup, A.; 2002
The Poor ManDave Barry Kramer, J.; 2002
El Debarge Smoky Robinson Sawicky, M.; 2002
Lenny KravitzJimi Hendrix Northrup, A.; 2002
Terence Trent D'Arby Prince Sawicky, M.; 2002
Bill O'ReillyJohn Stossel Northrup, A.; 2002
David Bowie, post 1983Sting Northrup, A.; 2002
Lee Horsley Tom Selleck; 2001
Tom SelleckBurt Reynolds Northrup, A.; 2002
George MichaelElton John Northrup, A.; 2002
Jerry Doyle Bruce WillisMcIrvin, M.; 2002
Lili Taylor Rhea PerlmanMcIrvin, M.; 2002
Steve Guttenberg Tom HanksMcIrvin, M.; 2002
Elmo Grover McIrvin, M.; 2002
Danny DeVito Wallace Shawn Northrup, A.; 2002
Tim RobbinsOrson Welles Northrup, A.; 2002
Robert Altman John Sayles Northrup, A.; 2002
Daniel Goddard Kevin Sorbo Northrup, A.; 2002
Kevin SorboBrendan Fraser Northrup, A.; 2002
Fabio Daniel Goddard Northrup, A.; 2002
Leonard Nimoy Martin Landau McIrvin, M.; 2002
Martin LandauWilliam Shatner (!) McIrvin, M.; 2002
Robert Stack Peter Graves Northrup, A.; 2002
David Caruso Robert Stack Northrup, A.; 2002
Joe Don Baker Brian Dennehy Northrup, A.; 2002
Leelee SobieskiHelen Hunt Lum, T.; 2002
Rudy Ray MooreRichard Roundtree Northrup, A.; 2002
Powers Boothe Craig T. Nelson Sawicky, M.; 2002
ErkelArnold Stang Sawicky, M.; 2002
Harold GreenErkel Northrup, A.; 2002
Halle Berry Lena Horne Sawicky, M.; 2002
J Lo.Janet Jackson Sawicky, M.; 2002
Shakira J Lo. Sawicky, M.; 2002
J. Lo.'s ass Shakira's ass Sawicky, M.; 2002
James TraficantDisco Dave Northrup, A.; 2002

posted by andrew | 9:27 AM

Theory: for every actor in Hollywood above a certain level of fame (call it the "Treat Williams Limit"), there exists one and only one actor who is his "poor man". Likewise, every actor below a certain level of fame (the so-called "Edward Norton Line") is a poor imitation of a superior actor - he is the poor man's __________, as it were. One cannot have more than one poor man. One cannot be the poor man to more than one actor. One can, however, have a poor man and be a poor man to another. It is rumored, though still controversial, that certain actors of unusual talent who refuse to appear in good movie, such as Michael Caine and Jeremy Irons, are their own poor men. We shall not treat these cases for now.

There are many canonical cases which even the layman understands. It is widely known that Christian Slater is the poor man's Jack Nicholson, and that Skeet Ulrich is the poor man's Johnny Depp. It is the purpose of this page to explore the lesser-known cases, and, through reader feedback and public analysis, expand the boundaries of this fascinating subset of the Celebrity Sciences.

posted by andrew | 9:05 AM